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About Excelsis Accounting Group

Excelsis Accounting Group is a Reno, NV CPA firm specializing in forensic accounting and business valuation. We offer litigation support for attorneys, businesses, and individuals in Nevada and California and can serve as a reliable expert witness in state and municipal courts. Our wealth of experience in forensic accounting allows us to uncover hidden assets in divorce cases and analyze business financials to investigate fraud. Our services also include business valuation services for mergers and acquisitions

We are a well-respected firm with a reputation for honesty, integrity, and expertise. Our main office is in Reno, NV and we have a secondary office in Redding, CA with our consultant, Scot Evanhoe.

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The Engagement Team

It is important that you have access to our most experienced technicians and consultants. We assure that you have the full attention of our most experienced people whenever you need them.

Mark Bailey – Managing Partner/Founder - check out this recent article Mark wrote on Litigation Support and Valuation Fundamentals >>

Scot Evanhoe, CPA and Consultant - Valuation and Litigation

Janice Bailey - Firm Administrator

Charles Carslaw – Consultant

Sonja Pippin- Consultant

Troy Haggard - Principal

Polly Swainston - Senior Accountant

Mi Yoo - Staff Accountant

Your whole team is assembled of qualified people who have specifically requested to work with your company. Excelsis is unique in this respect, eliminating apathy and increasing enthusiasm for assignments. Instead of “being assigned,” our appropriately qualified team members each have the opportunity to volunteer to serve on your team which, for you, means a much higher level of service and, we believe, a more successful experience for all.