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Our Forensic Accounting Clients

Forensic investigation in financial matters demands a deep knowledge of business management systems, accounting software systems, and tax regulations. Only a specially trained forensic accountant can deliver these services and provide the litigation support and expert witness testimony necessary to support these findings in a court of law.

At Excelsis Accounting Group we're specially qualified to offer forensic accounting services in a variety of situations where financial crimes or cover-ups are suspected. We'll thoroughly investigate your case and will keep you informed every step of the way. Call us at 775-332-4201 now or request a consultation.

Our financial and fraud investigation services include:

Forensic Accounting for Businesses and Corporations

No responsible business owner can afford to ignore a question of financial impropriety. We'll conduct a detailed investigation of billing fraud, payroll fraud, money laundering, embezzlement and other types of white collar crime affecting businesses and corporations.

Divorce Accounting Services for Individuals

With a detailed presentation of the financial facts, its much easier to negotiate a fair settlement for both parties in a divorce. We'll carefully examine financial documentation to uncover hidden assets and develop a lifestyle picture that can be used to determine alimony calculations.

Litigation Support for Law Enforcement and Governments

As an experienced Nevada CPA firm, Excelsis Accounting Group can investigate financial crimes and offer support to law enforcement and governments for cases that need to be brought to trial. Our expertise will ensure the facts of the case are presented clearly and the financial evidence is supported by extensive documentation.

Litigation Support for Attorneys

No matter what side your client is on, we understand how to construct and organize an in-depth investigation where suspicious financial activity is suspected. We also offer trial preparation services for your case and can present our findings as a believable expert witness.