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Forensic Accounting Services

forensic accounting servicesExcelsis Accounting Group provides forensic accounting services to assist companies with research, financial analysis, and expert witness testimony when needed, in situations where fraud is suspected. Our experts have the benefit of being both traditional accountants and Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF).

We combine our intuitive ability and "street smarts" with our knowledge of business financial systems to complete our investigations competently and efficiently. We can identify questionable accounting transactions, analyze insurance claims, and search for unreported income and assets. Our reliable and highly effective expert witness testimony has helped our clients get the justice they deserve. Excelsis Accounting Group is known for impeccable forensic accounting practices and unbiased litigation support.

Contact us now at 775-332-4201 to discuss how our forensic accounting and litigation support services can assist you in recovering damages from fraud or establishing an equitable distribution of assets in divorce cases. We offer a free initial consultation so you can get to know us and explain your needs.

Our forensic accounting services include: