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Litigation Support

litigation support servicesIn many cases, a successful outcome in settlement negotiations or at trial is largely dependent on the pre-trial preparations. When it comes to the financial aspects of a case, an experienced expert in forensic accounting can strengthen your case with investigation, analysis, and concise presentation of financial facts.

Excelsis Accounting Group helps attorneys and their clients prepare for trial by analyzing financial documents and identifying evidence to support the case. We will assist with the cross examination of other financial experts and prepare financial trial exhibits including comprehensive timelines, calculations, and financial models. Finally, as a forensic accountant, we are uniquely qualified to provide expert testimony at trial, should the case go to court. Our technical knowledge and communication skills will ensure clear and concise testimony that judges and juries will understand.

Call 775-332-4201 to discuss how Excelsis Accounting Group can provide the litigation support services that will assist in winning your case. We work with clients in Nevada and Northern California. We invite you to request a consultation now.

Our trial preparation and litigation support services include: