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Excelsis Accounting Group CPA Team Members

Charles Carslaw

MA, CPA, FCA – Consultant

Joining the firm in 2005, Charles primarily focuses on highly complex technical accounting issues and related research. He began his accounting career with Price Waterhouse & Co., Chartered Accountants in 1972 working in their London, England and British Columbia, Canada offices for six years.

Following Price Waterhouse, he spent over 15 years in New Zealand with the University of Canterbury and he served as Director of Research for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand. Appointed in 1985 to the New Zealand Institute Professionals Practice Board, Charles remains an active member setting professional standards for the country—presently he is involved in the redrafting of New Zealand’s Review Engagement Standards. In 1990, Charles moved to Reno, Nevada founding a specialty accounting firm focusing on serving Native American tribes throughout the United States. He also accepted an instructor position at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Education & Achievements

Publications Contributes to over 50 publications on a wide variety of accounting topics.