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Fraud Investigation

fraud investigation NV CAFraud is a costly problem for hard-working business owners and corporations. If your numbers aren't adding up and you suspect fraudulent activity, contact the qualified forensic accountants at Excelsis Accounting Group. We know how to follow the money trail to track down revenue that was lost due to fraud. We investigate payroll fraud, insurance fraud, employee theft, kickback schemes, and other incidents of corrupt financial activity.

You can rely on our findings because we're not only CPAs but experienced forensic accountants who are committed to gathering the facts necessary to prosecute offenders. Excelsis Accounting Group will uncover any evidence of fraud and  provide accurate documentation and reliable expert witness testimony as needed. We'll also demonstrate how your business or organization can develop anti-fraud policies to improve financial controls and implement techniques designed to prevent white collar crimes.

Our fraud investigation services are comprehensive, efficient, and discreet. We work with all kinds of businesses in Nevada, California, and throughout the Western United States. Call us at 775-332-4201 today to discuss your concerns or request a consultation online now.

Our fraud investigation services for white collar crimes include: